Q & A: Tim Blechmann

1. Where are you based?

vienna, austria

2. What is the last food eaten?

chinese hot pot

3. Last drink?

ginger-lemon tea

4. What do you do to pay the bills?

developing audio software

5. Last film watched?

i do not watch movies

6. Last book you've read?

harry partch: genesis of a music

7. What is the last thing you've listened to?

daniel menche: face of vehemence

8. Do you have a favorite format? (ie tapes, CD, vinyl, digital audio)

high-quality digital audio. i release most of my music online as
bittorrent download, both in stereo versions, but also in various
multi-channel formats (though very few people may have the possibility
to listen to it)

9. Favorite piece of musical gear?

the SuperCollider audio programming language

10. What inspires you?

spending time in the studio to work on things which i have not done
before, working with like-minded artists and performing concerts in
front of open-minded people, who are not familiar with my music.

11. What is beautiful?

this question cannot be answered

12. Any upcoming projects?

a new digital multi-channel composition, a new modular synthesizer as
live instrument & sound generator for a new composition. a tour to
south-east asia.

Tim Blechmann is a computer musician and frequent collaborator with other musicians including Mattin, Klaus Filip, Seijiro Murayama, and Manuel Knapp. 
He also runs the excellent Moka Bar netlabel.