Q&A: Ennio Mazzon

1. Where are you based?

Treviso, Northeast Italy.

2. What is the last food eaten?

Cod Sautéed in olive oil with fresh tomatoes, boiled carrots & broccoli, rye bread, half banana, 3 walnuts and lemon ice-cream.

3. Last drink?


4. What do you do to pay the bills?

Multitasking mechanical engineer. 
I work with computers.

5. Last film watched?

"The Bling Ring" at the cinema.
"This Must Be The Place" at home on my laptop - but I fell asleep twice during the first 30 minutes.

6. Last book you've read?

"Algorithms for Visual Design Using the Processing Language" by Kostas Terzidis.

7. What is the last thing you've listened to?

"Complicated" by Rihanna.

8. Do you have a favorite format? (ie tapes, CD, vinyl, digital audio)

I love CDs and lossless digital audio. 
Tapes: I like them a little bit less. 
Vinyl leaves me quite indifferent, perhaps it's because I don't even have a record player.

9. Favorite piece of musical gear?

Max/MSP and my old KORG nanoKONTROL. Black version. 
For unknown aesthetic reasons the white nanoKONTROL hurts my feelings.

10. What inspires you?

Physics, maths, colors, nature.

11. What is beautiful?

Beautiful is what makes you find "beauty in the dissonance". 
I know it doesn't mean anything but it would have been a pity to not take this opportunity to inappropriately quote a verse of the song "Schism" by Tool.

12. Any upcoming projects?

At some point there will probably be a new solo album titled "Cerise Icicles". 

Electronic musician Ennio Mazzon has recorded music for such labels as Crónica, 

Nephogram, Resting Bell, Triple Bath, and Q-tone. With collaborator Gianluca Favaron they comprise the duo Zbeen.

Ennio also curates Ripples Recordings.