Q&A: Jesse Goin

1. Where are you based?

Since 1979, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

2. What is the last food eaten?

Vegetable soup and a salad, sourced from a local, organic co-op.

3. Last drink?

My daily drinks – Guatemalan light roast from a French press, and a lot of reverse osmosis 

4. What do you do to pay the bills?

I have been, at various times, a mental health therapist, a case manager for persons with 
severe disabilities, and a volunteer manager.

5. Last film watched?

Only God Forgives (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2013) 

6. Last book you've read?

In October: Gaza In Crisis (2010), Noam Chomsky / Ilan Pappe. and In Praise of Love 
(2012), Alain Badiou

7. What is the last thing you've listened to?

Are you kidding? From today:
Là Où Nos Rêves.. (Bruno Duplant), At The End of an Endless Stream (Reed Evan 
Rosenberg), Logical Harmonies (Richard Glover), Karen Studies (Nathan McLaughlin), 
Hontatedori (Taku Unami/Tetuzi Akiyama/Moe Kamura), Piano Concerto #2/#4 
(Beethoven, London Symphony Orchestra, Katchen, piano)

8. Do you have a favorite format? (ie tapes, CD, vinyl, digital audio)

I don’t; I judge and enjoy on a case-by-case basis. I seldom enjoy digital audio, though, 
regardless of the lossless formats.

9. Favorite piece of musical gear?

I have retained only one guitar, and it goes back to 1974, a Guild D-35 six-string dreadnought
It’s difficult to imagine our being parted.

10. What inspires you?

Ordinary things, numbering about 10,000.

11. What is beautiful?

Increasingly I am drawn to the idea of, as the composer Benjamin Briten had it, “the 
everlasting beauty of monotony.”

12. Any upcoming projects?

The 2013 crow with no mouth concert season just ended October 19th.
I am currently exploring funding for a possible 2014 concert series.
I am continuing to write about experimental music, when so moved

Jesse Goin has written extensively on the subjects of new music and electro acoustic improvisation. His work can be found in such publications as The Wire, Paris Transatlantic, Dusted, Junk Media, Compost & Height, Wolf Notes and One Final Note, as well as his blog Crow With No Mouth.

Jesse also curates the Crow With No Mouth Concert Series.