Nathan McLaughlin - Riding The Bronc

Nathan McLaughlin – Riding the Bronc
Nada 15
Nathan McLaughlin is a busy man. Having released numerous tapes and LPs over the last few years under his own name and as a member of the groups: Tilth, Loud & Sad, and HMS.
Solo, McLaughlin is best known for his Echolocation series, showcasing his improvisational work with tape loops. Through Echolocation and subsequent work, McLaughlin continues to create beautiful pieces of ambience that are at times fragile, subtle and quiet.
Riding the Bronc is the latest release of tape music from McLaughlin. Displaying a talent for focus and patience. The title of this cassette is a reference to McLaughlin's live sets, which are filled with an underlying sense of the ominous. In his own words:
they tend to be very intense high frequency affairs...lots of tension, riding the bronco as i like to call it, and not of great volume....recreating that can potentially be hard because the tension is a product of the environment and mood.
Side A
Recorded April 11, 2013, at Madame of the Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by John Marks.
Side B
Recorded August 6, 2011, at Studio Z in St. Paul, Minnesota, as part of the Crow with No Mouth concert series, curated by Jesse Goin.
(Professionally duped on Chrome tapes and professionally printed)

Cassette (shipping included)