Q & A: Lali Barrière

1. Where are you based?

In Barcelona.

2. What is the last food eaten?

Breakfast: orange juice, coffee and muffin.

3. Last drink?

OK. Coffee...

4. What do you do to pay the bills?

I teach Mathematics and Creative Programming at the University.

5. Last film watched?

Carla Subirana's "Volar".

6. Last book you've read?

Edith Sitwell's "English Eccentrics".

7. What is the last thing you've listened to?

Jason Khan's "Things Fall Apart".

8. Do you have a favorite format? (ie tapes, CD, vinyl, digital audio)

For practical reasons, CD and digital audio.

9. Favorite piece of musical gear?

The HOHNER Guitaret I got in Amsterdam in 2003. My mics.

10. What inspires you?


11. What is beautiful?

Everything can be beautiful.

12. Any upcoming projects?

Changing my solo set.
Also playing mostly in 2 duos and 1 trio:
A=B with Ferran Fages; Blaast, with alfredo Costa Monteiro; Ziz with Eduard Marquez and Ferran Fages.
Other projects in preparation for early 2014... sorry about the mistery!

Lali Barrière is a musician active in the free improv scene in Barcelona. She works with acoustic and amplified objects, electronic devices, field recordings and programming, with a minimalistic approach.

As a Mathematician, she is a Professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.